Frequently Asked Questions


Can I rent equipment from San Francisco Archers?

We do not rent, loan, or sell archery equipment.  It is an insurance issue. If you would like to try archery before you purchase equipment join us for the Archery Outreach Program on the first and third Sunday of each month from 9:00 AM to noon. Always check our online calendar before your visit as there may be a work party or event.

What time is the range open?Father Daughter archery

San Francisco Archer’s is open everyday of the year from sun up until sun down. Please check the calendar as we sometimes host events or have a work party which may conflict with your visit.

How many people can I bring to the Archery Outreach Program?

The Outreach Program was not meant to handle large groups of people who want to shoot together.  A family or group of five is not too hard to accommodate but a larger group should make special arrangements so that they can shoot together and have a good experience.

If it rains, does the Archery Outreach Program get canceled?

Inclement weather is a problem. We do not shoot in high winds or when there is a steady rain or heavy showers.

How much does it cost to shoot at San Francisco Archers?

There is a daily shoot fee for non-members, adults are $5.00 and children under 13 are admitted free of charge. For more information of becoming a member, please visit our membership page.

Can I shoot my crossbow or use broad heads at SFA?

No, we do not allow use of crossbows or broad head arrows at anytime or anywhere on the range. There are multiple reasons for this policy, most importantly is the fact that the county of San Mateo forbids it.

Where are the photos on this site?

We now use our Flickr site for most of the photographs. If you have photos to share, please send them to the webmaster@sfarchers.org.

Is there a reason why no one answers the phone?

Although there is a phone in our clubhouse, most people are outside shooting. The best way to get information about our organization is via email. See the link at the top of this page.