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1204, 2024

2024 Pacific Traditional Rendezvous Guide


(Live after 3:30pm on Sunday)

CLICK HERE – Trad Shoot Map 2024


Please make sure your REGISTRATION INFORMATION is correct.  Email webmaster@sfarchers.org if there are any changes.

All participants acknowledge they have READ & SIGNED this WAIVER upon arrival on the premises.

TEAM TROPHY – Register your TEAM with Tricia before 9am Sunday.  Please click on this TEAM LINK and let me know of any changes or additions by texting 650-759-5847.  Start a team!  You will need 5 archers with a minimum of 2 archers shooting woods.  Please text me each archer’s name and bow they are shooting.  The perpetual team trophy will have your name on it!

Pick up scorecards & pins between 7am – 8:45am.  Target Assignments are first come, first serve.

ALL ARCHERS, including non-compete class:  TURN them in so we know you’re off the range.

Shooters’ meeting at 8:30am followed by our annual group photo.  Siren starts at 9am.

SCORES will go LIVE beginning at 3:30pm followed by awards ONCE all scorecards are TURNED IN.

Many people have a long drive ahead of them on Sunday so PLEASE make sure that someone brings your cards back in so we can count you off the range. IF your group is falling behind and you’re still out passed 3:30pm, KINDLY SEND A TEXT to 650-759-5847 and keeps us informed of your location and how many more targets you have left so our team can plan accordingly.

2 arrows unless specified otherwise (novelties, look for signage)

Scoring 10 – 8 – 5

NO rangefinders & NO binoculars.  Fingers must touch nock in all styles except BB-REC

One shooting stake for all ages except peewee & cubs (can shoot where comfortable.)

Breakfast & Lunch available!

Awards given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

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