2012 Trad Shoot Update & Thank you

//2012 Trad Shoot Update & Thank you

2012 Trad Shoot Update & Thank you

Our President, Jim Padilla gives this quick update on the 2012 Traditional Rendezvous: We had 115 paid shooters and the course drew rave reviews. The par 2 mammoth was a great addition to the shoot. Great job goes out to Rob Hensel for running the

set up crew along with tweaking the course and designing the new pin – Pat and her crew in registration ran like a well-oiled machine! The kitchen crew in the morning featuring Marina, Candice & Megan, many thanks for opening the place. Joy, Kin & Ming for keeping it going and Shirley & Lisa for coming bring it home. A huge thanks to all that helped with the break down! And finally, thanks to Rudy for burning himself to a crisp manning the poker clout for the Paul Rodgers self-bow.

By reviewing all the positive comments on our Facebook page, it would appear that everyone enjoyed the shoot! Thanks for supporting San Francisco Archers!

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