Important Memo to Members Regarding Upcoming Events/Schedule

//Important Memo to Members Regarding Upcoming Events/Schedule

Important Memo to Members Regarding Upcoming Events/Schedule

Happy Hump Day Archers!! 

MEMO of some important information regarding our range, schedule, etc. 

·       NO WEDNESDAY NIGHT SHOOT tonight, July 31st.  The next Wednesday night shoot is scheduled for Wednesday, August 7th.  I need a volunteer with an open bed truck to help set up & take down targets. Our buddy Mike Kelsall who has been setting up the last few months is back in Auburn now so I need a few new guys to step up!

·       August 2nd – 4th The entire range is completely CLOSED for the tournament.

·       Friday, August 2nd I need ALL available MEMBERS to come and SET –UP for the tournament.  We’ve got 63 3D Targets to set up, many so big it will take a team of guys to carry.  We need all the open bed trucks we can get.  Not only do we need help with the heavy lifting, we also need to finish trail clearing, target pasting, clubhouse and registration shack cleaning, and help finalizing ALL the prep work involved in holding a 2 day shoot. 

·       In the past, “MEMBERS” weren’t even allowed to shoot this tournament because they were required to work it.  I think now we have enough members where it doesn’t have to be like that, but we also can’t have the same 15 guys doing everything.  So let’s ALL STEP UP and do our part.  As we are ALL volunteers, let’s support and help each other and get the job done!!

·       August 3rd & 4th – BC Tournament.  We still need volunteers to RUN the shoot.  Whether you can volunteer 1 or 2 days, your help and participation is greatly appreciated.  Please contact me if you and/or your family is available to help RUN the shoot and I will assign you a task. 

·       August 4th Afternoon.  DON’T LEAVE SO FAST!!  We NEED guys, again with open bed trucks to PICK UP and PUT AWAY ALL the targets!  They don’t put themselves away!!  I know we’ll be tired by this point, so the more guys that can help… the quicker the job.  We also need help cleaning and putting things away in the kitchen. 

·       August 10th & 11th – Langell is having his friend Vicky come and teach a felting class both days.  If you are interested in making a wool hat or wool pouch, please contact me to register.  The project takes between 4-6 hours and her class maximum per day is 6.  Paul Rogers is bringing his gypsy wagon that weekend and I believe there will be some impromptu Primitive Skills happening all weekend.  Flint Knapping, demonstrations, etc. 

We are also planning an evening POTLUCK for Saturday, the 10th. 

There is NO WORK PARTY on the 10th but JOAD is still on in the a.m. 

Also, there is a scheduled CLUB shoot on August 11th.

·       August 17th – There is a Bowhunter’s Education Class in the clubhouse.  For complete details, see the attached flyer.

Alright folks, hope to see you ALL this weekend!!  Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, etc.

See you soon. 

Tricia Porter, SFA President         650-759-5847           

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