Please Help the Diablo Bowmen Archery Club

//Please Help the Diablo Bowmen Archery Club

Please Help the Diablo Bowmen Archery Club

The information below is from our friends at Diablo Bowmen Archery Club, please note the upcoming Oct 5th work party below, thank you in advance for your help:

On September 8, 2013, a fast moving fire consumed 3200 acres on Mt. Diablo. Dubbed the “Morgan Fire,” it was the biggest Mt. Diablo wildfire in 36 years. Unfortunately, the Diablo Bowmen Archery Club suffered enormous losses from the disaster. If not for the heroic efforts of the Contra Costa Consolidated and East County Fire Protection districts, our club’s losses would have been more.

In the preliminary report, the archery club has lossed:
– A trailer of equipment and 3D targets
– 7 outhouses and shacks
– Over 30 targets
– 35 trees that prevent erosion
– Over 50 benches and bow racks
– 2 bridges
Rebuilding the club
Despite the misfortune, we will rebuild the club… and we need your help. There are 4 ways you can help.

1. Donate money to the Diablo Bowmen Relief Fund
Direct Deposit
Wells Fargo Bank
‘Diablo Bowmen Relief Funds’
Routing Number: 121042882
Account Number: 2125906616

Make check payable to:
Diablo Bowmen Relief Funds
P.O. Box 70
Clayton, CA 94517–0070    Coming soon.

2. Donate your time

You can help us with the clean up and rebuilding effort by volunteering your time with us. Please be patient while we analyze our needed repairs and formulate a systematic working plan for the rebuilding of the range, thus making the most efficient use of our volunteer’s time and efforts.
We will post the Work Party dates here:
– October 5, 2013, Saturday, 8am — 4pm
Bring your own food (the club anticipates many work parties and cannot afford the food for each one), water will be provided. Conditions will be dirty due to the fire.

3. Donate materials and equipment
You can donate building materials and equipment to the Diablo Bowmen Archery Club. Check back here to see an itemized list of materials we need.

Stay tuned for more updates.
4. Share this information with your friends.

Thank you for your support.

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