SF Archers Important Announcements!

//SF Archers Important Announcements!

SF Archers Important Announcements!

Members!  Please renew your membership for 2014 to avoid being purged from the roster.  Contact: membership@sfarchers.org if you have any questions.  For those who have already renewed, we thank you for your continued support!

Saturday, March 8th from 9am to 12pm
Please attend the scheduled Work Party.  At 1pm, a brief General Meeting will include discussion regarding target repairs needed for the One Million BC Shoot in August.

Sunday, March 9th – Club Shoot 14 Field/14 Animals on Red Range
Registration from 9-10am.  Shoot start 10am.
Club Shoot Information: There will be a series of four different N.F.A.A. shoots. Three must be completed to qualify for club champion. Club champion will be decided on a points system. If you take 1st you get 1 point if you take 20th you get 20 points. The person with the lowest points after all rounds have been shot at end of year will be club champion. In order to qualify for club champion you must complete three shoots, one from each of the different N.F.A.A. shoots. Hunter /Animal, Field /Animal, Freeman Round, 900 Round. Only one of the scores from each of the shoots will count towards championship, for instance if you shoot both of the 900 rounds only you highest 900 Round will count as one of the three. You would still need two of the other type of shoots to qualify. In addition to the club championship there will be awards given to the one with the highest score for each of the four types of shoots. An example you can receive an award for finishing 1st in the Hunter/Animal round or 2nd in the Freeman round and again if you shoot the two identical rounds only your highest round will count. The goal of this is to bring together all of the different styles of archery.

Saturday, March 15th at 12:30pm
JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development Program) & AAA (Adult Archery Achievement Program)
2014 Orientation & Registration.
View the Enrollment FLYER: https://sfarchers.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/2014-JOAD-AAA-ENROLLMENT-FLYER-022414.pdf for complete details.

Saturday, March 29th from 8am to 1pm
Hunter Safety Course in the Clubhouse.  For more information or to register: contact vphunting@sfarchers.org


We are starting a Spring Outdoor League at the 100 yarder on Thursday nights from 6pm-8pm.  For more information, contact vphunting@sfarchers.org.  We should have complete details by the next newsletter.

Another important date to mark down is Sunday, April 27th for the annual Pacific Traditional Rendezvous.  SFA 2014 Trad Shoot Flyer – April 27 2014
We will have a special set up work party on Saturday, April 26th.  We need ALL HANDS ON DECK!  We need VOLUNTEERS both days to setup/take down & to run the shoot including kitchen duties.

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