Congratulations! SFA elects new leadership

//Congratulations! SFA elects new leadership

Congratulations! SFA elects new leadership

Congratulations for our newly elected leadership and thank you to the outgoing officers and board members for all of your hard work in 2015. All of us appreciate your contribution of time and energy.

Here’s the list of our new officers and board members:

President – Kin Shew
Vice-President – Lori Talo
2nd VP of Hunting – Art Almquist
Treasurer – Pat Heimsoth
Score Keeper – Linda Lafond
Range Captain – Stephen Aghaulor
Publications Office – Bill Talbott
Secretary – Randall Killpack
Board Members
Harry Brown
Terry Lee
Regan Lum
John Mullin
Jack Rauch
Steve “The Wolf” States

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