Dates for the 2018 JOAD Program!!

//Dates for the 2018 JOAD Program!!

Dates for the 2018 JOAD Program!!

Our JUNIOR OLYMPIC ARCHERY DEVELOPMENT (JOAD) program is back in full swing for 2018.

Starting March 17, 20108 – October 2018, San Francisco Archers is proud to once again host our JOAD program. Designed forĀ  kids and persons ages 8-20 years old, the JOAD classes teach the fundamentals of proper shooting form. As an archer develops, they learn more advanced techniques to improve their overall archery.

Students under this program have the opportunity to earn official achievement awards during class scoring sessions. JOAD occurs every Saturday, except for when there are scheduled work parties (generally the 2nd Saturday of the month) as well as our big tournaments.

JOAD Participants

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