Important Message from the San Francisco Archers President

//Important Message from the San Francisco Archers President

Important Message from the San Francisco Archers President

Hello All SFA Members,

I sincerely hope you and your families are reading this message in good health. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a life changing event for everyone and will alter the future of our social activities, customs and human interactions. On the grand scale of what has occurred in the past two months, the ability to participate in the recreational sport of archery pales in comparison to the worldwide loss of human life, especially the elders which this virus has had such a devastating effect on.

The San Francisco Archer’s Board of Directors conducted an emergency meeting on March 17th, 2020 (St. Patrick’s Day) and made a unanimous decision to cease all organized activities and completely close the Archery Range. At that time, just three weeks ago, it seemed like a difficult and monumental decision. Up until a day before that meeting, I personally thought it was possible to keep the trails of the Range open for casual and individual shooting. I was quickly convinced that a complete closure was the only course of action that could be taken. The paramount decision was made in order to prevent any possible spread of the COVID-19 virus, protect the health and safety of our members and guests and preserve the existence of the Range for the future when the virus subsides and passes.

Just days after the Board decision, and with the locks changed on the front entry gate, San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department checked on us to ensure we were all shut down. They were pleased with our initiative and the action that we took. SFA was notified just last week by SF Rec & Park that the closure shall continue until the end of April and then re-evaluated.

I strongly urge all members and non-members who read this, DO NOT ignore the closures signs on the entry gate and refrain from going back to the Range to shoot your bows & arrows. You would not only be jeopardizing your own personal health and safety, you will be jeopardizing the future of the Archery Range. 

As the guy who raised his hand and volunteered to be President of the Club this year, frankly, I am growing weary of the questions: “when are we going to re-open the Range?, What about the BC shoot?. I know it goes with the territory but public health and safety as it relates to the COVID-19 virus pandemic is a much higher priority than the events of San Francisco Archers and re-opening the Archery Range. SFA operates under the authority of SF Rec and Parks and the City of San Francisco. We are in standby status until we receive permission to resume operations. There will be zero activity, (except essential maintenance and security patrols) at the Range until it is deemed safe to return to normal activity. SFA will NOT risk the health and safety of its members or guests with possible exposure or the spread of the Coronavirus.

Looking forward to the beginning of May when we get updated reports from SF Rec & Parks and San Mateo County Health departments regarding assembly restrictions and limitations, the SFA Board will evaluate whether or not to hold the 1 million year BC shoot at the end of July. If a decision to cancel BC is made, there has been informal discussion of developing an alternative shoot later in the year when we can confidently assemble without worry of spreading or contracting the virus. Any future archery shoots will be planned and organized under the strict guidelines and directives of assembly limits established at that time. 

Making the sacrifice of shooting archery is very small compared to what so many fellow humans have sacrificed to this virus thus far. Put your bows and arrows on ice for a while and hope and pray that, that is all you have to put on ice. I’m sorry for the cryptic tone but now is the time to GET REAL and put things in perspective. After this global pandemic passes, the Range will open again and archery will once again return to be a regular regiment in our lives. 

Strive to take extraordinary measures to prevent the spread of this extremely contagious virus and STAY HEALTHY.

2020 SFA President, Charley Sturtevant

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