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The Board & General Meetings

The day-to-day operations are handled by a duly elected Board of Officers comprised of 15 members (8 Board Officers and 7 General Board members).  Any club member can run for any Board position. The membership elects the Board each year, and the new officers start their position in January of the next year.

  • Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month in the SFA club house, starting at 7:00pm. Meetings are open to the current membership. (See our Calendar for exact days.)
  • General meetings are announced in advance and occur after the monthly work party.

The current 2020 Board members are:

President : Charlie Sturtevant
Vice President : Jonathan Johnson
2nd VP Hunting : Jim Long
Treasurer : Pat Heimsoth
Secretary : Amber Adams
Membership Coordinator  : Lori Talo
Score Keeper : Linda Lafond
Publications Office (volunteer)  : Jenny Feix
Range Captain : Randall Killpack
Past President : n/a
Board Member : Mike Lew
Board Member : Matt Farley
Board Member : Jim Volker
Board Member : Pat Martin
Board Member : n/a
Board Member : n/a

Constitution and By-Laws

San Francisco Archers is governed by our Constitution & By-Laws.
Our By-Laws were recently updated in 2018. A committee reviewed the By-Laws and submitted revisions to the Board. The Board approved the updated By-Laws, which were then sent to the general membership. A meeting was held for all general members, who voted to approve the updated By-Laws.

Past Board Information

2019 Board members:

President :
Vice President :
2nd VP Hunting : Charlie Sturtevant
Treasurer : Rudy Sandoval, Jr. (acting)
Secretary :
Score Keeper : Linda Lafond
Publications Office :  
Range Captain : Jim Long
Past President : Tony Parra
Board Member : Amber Adams
Board Member : Jack Rauch
Board Member : Jim Robison
Board Member : Pat Heimsoth
Board Member :
Board Member :

2018 Board members :

Tony Parra President
Mike Lew Vice President
Charlie Sturtevant
2nd VP Hunting
Rudy Sandoval, Jr.
Brandi Dee
Linda Lafond Score Keeper
Jade Falcon
Publications Office
Jim Long Range Captain
Bea Gambony Board Member
Jim Robison Board Member
Bob Spencer Board Member
John Nazareno Board Member
Mike Samn Board Member
Randall Killpack Past President
Olinda Killpack Board Member