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Covid-19 Protocols for San Francisco Archers

San Francisco Archers (SFA) has been working hard to institute changes to our Archery Range that comply with the COVID-19 prevention protocols and recommendations, as provided by the City & County of San Francisco, the San Mateo County Health Department, and the CDC. 

SFA apologizes for the inconvenience that these changes present. To help ensure public safety, we must comply with all local, state, and CDC requirements and guidelines in order to operate a shared outdoor recreation facility. 

We want to ensure that everyone — our members and the members of the general public who enjoy archery — remain safe. All visitors must be in compliance with all COVID-19 protocols while at SFA so that everyone can enjoy the range and share in our love of archery. Visitors not complying with COVID-19 protocols will be asked to leave.

Please carefully read all of the sections below to ensure the safety and well-being of all visitors to the range. 

  1. Maintain social distancing and follow all posted signs and guidelines
  2. Use target bales and ranges safely and responsibly.
  3. Avoid congregations and gathering.
  4. Pack out your trash.

We will continue to work with the above listed government agencies to ensure any necessary guidelines are implemented at SFA. This page will be updated to reflect any of those changes.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding. We are working hard to ensure that our range is safe, open, and available to everyone who loves archery.


San Francisco Archers

1. Maintain Social Distancing & Follow All Posted Signs

All visitors to SFA are required to maintain appropriate Social Distancing. Family groups can stay together, but must maintain distances from other groups.

There are numerous signs around SFA to remind visitors of Social Distancing requirements.  Additional safety guidelines for all visitors are posted at various locations. These guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain social distances. 
  • Avoid contact with others outside your family group.
  • Handle only your own gear. No sharing of equipment outside of your family group.
  • Possess a face covering on your person and carry it in a readily accessible location. It is highly recommended that all visitors and members wear a face mask as personal protection equipment (PPE).

All visitors are required to follow these guidelines to remain safe and to ensure the safety of others around you. Visitors not complying with COVID-19 Protocols will be asked to leave.

Signs in our public parking next to the main entrance of the range.

Posted Guidelines on the Club House

Signs on key transition areas

Kiddie Range with safety rules and reminders.

Entrance to the White Range with new safety guidelines and signs.

Entrance to the Red Range with new safety guidelines and signs.

Entrance to the Olympic Range with new safety guidelines and signs

2. Use the Target Bales & Ranges Safely and Responsibly 

SFA maintains several archery areas — the target ranges (e.g. the Olympic Target range, the Kiddie Range, and the Practice Range) and field ranges (e.g. the Red & White range). All of these ranges contain a variety of target bales.

All target bales in these areas have been placed to maintain appropriate Social Distancing. A single target bale should only be used by a single person or family group. 

In addition, the following guidelines should be followed: 

  • Archers should only retrieve arrows from their respective bales.
  • Archers should only handle their own equipment & gear. Do not share items with others outside of your family group.
  • Archers should respect all ground markings, such as marked waiting areas, walkways, etc.
  • When using the field ranges, archers should follow all posted signs and respect social distances between themselves and any other archer or family group.

NW Corner of the Olympic Range
3 bales (20-30 yards)
Each bale is 9 feet apart from center

100 Yard Olympic Field Range: 20-90 yards.
10 target bales.
Each bale is 7 feet away apart from center

Kiddie Range
2 target bales (10-15 yards)
Each bale is 6 feet apart from center.

3. Avoid Congregations & Gatherings

At this time, visitors and members are prohibited from congregating, either on the range or in our parking lot. SFA has disabled and closed off all gathering areas, which include, but are not limited to:

  • The SFA Clubhouse
  • All picnic tables and BBQ areas. 
  • Various buildings and structures, such as the Arrow shack, Snack shacks, and the Tool sheds, etc.

SFA has removed all common-touch items, such as picnic tables, benches, and trash cans from use. SFA has also disabled the BBQ pits to prevent usage.

BBQ Areas have been disabled from use.

Picnic tables are stacked and no longer available for use.

Common-touch items, such as garbage cans and recycling bins have been removed from all general areas.

Park benches have been removed from the range and are no longer in use.

4. Pack Out Your Trash

Per CDC and Health Department recommendations, trash cans and recycling bins have been removed from around SFA, as these are common-touch items and therefore pose a risk. 

Please be considerate and take out anything you bring to our facility.

“Pack it in, Pack it out”