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Our archery club boasts a membership roster of 300+ people, many including families. All members are required to help maintain all aspects of our club, including: the maintenance of the overall property, keeping the clubhouse in working order, and hosting our events.

The day-to-day needs of the club are run by the Board of Officers, who are members that are elected annually by the general membership.  These officers run the daily activities such as range captain, scorekeeper, treasurer, secretary, webmaster, etc.

We would love to have you join us as an SFA member.  The membership year begins January 1st and ends December 31st.  New members who join mid year pay a pro-rated rate.

Membership Requirements

As a member, you must do the following:

  • Complete all required Volunteer Hours, which can be done in the following ways:
    1. Participate in a minimum of six (6) scheduled range maintenance days (aka “work parties”) per year. We host 12 of these days per year (once a month).
    2. Help run any of our sponsored archery events.
    3. Make arrangements with the Range Captain to do tasks around the range. We realize that not everyone can make one of the scheduled maintenance days, but everyone still can contribute take care of the range. Examples of such tasks include:
      • Replacing worn out targets while walking the field ranges.
      • Mowing the lawn during the week.
      • Picking up litter or garbage on any of the ranges.

    IMPORTANT:Our members take care of the range, which includes replacing targets, mowing the lawns, clearing out plant over growth, replacing haybales, etc., etc, etc., Our range stays beautiful because our members take care of it!

  • Be up-to-date on your dues.
  • Read our Constitution and By-Laws
  • Join the monthly Board meetings, where you can hear some of the activities and needs of the Club. (Recommended, but optional)

Applying to be a member

  1. Be sponsored by an existing member. The best way to get to know members is to join one of our work parties during range maintenance days.
  2. Attend and work one range maintenance day before becoming a member.
  3. Read our Constitution and By-Laws
  4. Fill out the membership application (SFA-Membership-Application 2016)
  5. Submit your application:
    1. Make a check payable to: San Francisco Archers for the appropriate amount.
    2. Mail to: P.O. Box 1274 Pacifica, CA 94044 or drop it off at the Clubhouse.
  6. Once your membership has been approved, you will receive your membership tag and other materials.

Renewing Your Membership:

Affiliation  Organizations

SFA is a Chartered Club of the NFAA and our ranges are certified NFAA outdoor field courses. We are also affiliated with the following organizations:

  • National Field Archery Association (NFAA),
  • California Bow Hunters (CBH) / State Archery Association (SAA),
  • USA Archery (USAA)
  • Northern California Field Archery Association (NCFAA).

Membership in these organizations is not required, but is encouraged in order to support archery and bow hunting at state and national levels.