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The SFA Club Shoot

At the start of the warmer months (usually in March), SFA starts a series of shoots specifically for our members, although it is open to all guests and the public.

  • This shoot occurs every second Sunday of the month, barring any conflicts.Please check our calendar for the most up-to-date information.
  • The Club Shoots are open to anyone interested in shooting. (See this year’s scores!)
  • Most shoots are free, except for those where the club incurs a minor cost due to the type of targets. These are noted in the Club Shoot Schedule (click to download the 2019 SFA Club Shoot flyer).
  • For SFA members interested in competing in the Club Championships, the Club Shoots lets you see how you compare to other members in your class and shooting style!

During the Saturday work party, our Member set up one of our ranges with specific targets for that Club Shoot. On Sunday, our Official Scorekeeper hands out scorecards for any archers interested in scoring and keeps track of all the scores.

Shoot for fun or shoot for score…it doesn’t matter. Just come and shoot with us!

The SFA Club Championships

For those members who do want to keep score, the highest scores for each type of shoot win an award. Archers who participate in all of the Club Shoots have a chance to win the coveted Club Championship Award.

The purpose of the Club Championships is to recognize our SFA members who scored well during our Club Shoots.  You don’t need to keep score to shoot in one of these club events, but if you want to win an award, you must be an SFA member, participate in the Club Shoots, and keep score.

The Club Championship awards given to members with the highest cumulative total scores in all Event Formats for each NFAA age group and class (i.e. Male Adult Recurve, Female Cub Barebow).  Award winners will receive their awards at the SFA Yearly Banquet held in November.

Details about the Club Shoot

How to Join:

  1. Show up on the designated Club Shoot days. (Download our view our flyer or see our calendar for dates.)
  2. Grab a score card from the Scorekeeper or in the Clubhouse.
  3. Make sure to read any special instructions left by the Scorekeeper. These are usually on a piece of paper or a white board.
  4. Walk the specified range and shoot!
  5. Keep score or just shoot for fun!!  The back of each score card will let you know how to score those particular targets.  Check out the following newsletters for details on how to shoot/score the club shoots:
  6. Turn in your score to the Scorekeeper or in the designated area.


There are a total 8 Club Shoots. There are two (2) events in each of the following format styles:

  • FIELD — Black & white field targets shot at varying distances.
  • SAFARI — Spot Hogg Safari animals paper targets shot at varying distances
  • ANIMALS — Both 3D and paper animal targets shot at varying distances.
  • 900 Round — A 122 cm target shot at 60, 50, 40 yards

Note: Each format is a standard in the NFAA, so you’ll see other clubs using these formats!

How Do I Win the Club Championship?

  • Must be an SFA Member.
  • Keep score to win the Club Awards.
  • Shoot the best score for each Format (i.e. Field, Safari, Animals, 900 round). Awards are given out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place to the top scores for each Event Format.
  • Shoot in at least one event in each Format to qualify for an award in that format.
  • Shoot in at least one event in all four Event Formats to qualify for Club Champion.


The club shoots are typically in this order, but the dates change each year (see the flyer). Any item with a $ denotes a small fee due to the type of targets being used.

  • Field — 14 field/14 hunter
  • Safari — 28 Spot Hoggs  ($)
  • Field — 14 field/14 hunter
  • Animals — 14 paper animals, 14 3Ds. Score cards must be turned in by 3pm. ($)
  • Safari — 28 Spot Hoggs ($)
  • 900 Round — 122cm Target  from 60, 50, 40 yards
  • 900 Round — 122cm Target  from 60, 50, 40 yards
  • Animals — 14 paper animals, 14 3Ds. Score cards must be turned in by 3pm. ($)

Current flyer with the schedule and format list: 2019 SFA Club Shoot

Scores from the Various Club Shoots