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The SF Archers Club Shoots are designed for club members but open to all guests and the public.  Only SF Archers club members are eligible for club awards.  The club shoots typically occur on the second Sunday of the month after the Saturday work party, barring any conflicts. In 2024, they will be held in the months of May, July, August, and September. Check our calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Most shoots are free, except for those where the club incurs a minor cost due to the type of targets.  There will be a $5 shoot fee per member and $10 shoot fee per guest on the Unmarked 3D Shoot.  For SFA members interested in competing in the club championships, the club shoots lets you see how you compared to other members in your class and shooting style.  During the Saturday work party our members set up one of our ranges with specific targets for that club shoot.  On Sunday our official score keeper hands out scorecards for any archers interested in scoring and keeps track of all the scores.  Shoot for fun or score for shoot.  It doesn’t matter.  Just come and shoot with us.

Club Tournament Rules
1.  Minimum of three archers per group with two scorekeepers.
2.  Show up on the designated days.
3.  Grab your scorecards from the scorekeeper or in the clubhouse and pay the fee, if any.  ($5 members / $10 guests for 3D shoot)
4.  Make sure you read any special instructions left by the scorekeeper.  These are usually a piece of paper on a whiteboard.
5.  Go to the specified range and shoot.
6.  Keep score or shoot for fun.  The back of each scorecard will let you know how to score those particular targets.
7.  Turn in your completed scorecard in the designated box.

The scoring will be such that each shoot will have an equal number of potential points, so that there is no advantage to shooting an easy, high scoring shoot versus more difficult low scoring shoot.  You will need to participate in a minimum of two shoots in any one category/style in order to qualify for an award at the end of the year.  A person may participate in more than one category, but must shoot at least two scores in one category to qualify for an award for that category.

Club Champion Awards are given to SF Archers members with the highest combined scores of the two highest events participated.  Winners will receive their award at the Annual SF Archers Awards Dinner held in November.

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