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Our T-Rex CHOMP!

Pre-historic animals is what the One Million BC Shoot is about. Join us on our biggest event of the year!!

This archery event is a 2-day event, held on the first weekend in August. It attracts archers from all over California and from all over the Pacific Northwest. Several hundred archers congregate on the San Francisco Archers range to shoot at our 3D prehistoric targets!

Come shoot ONE or TWO days! You can pre-register online or send your registration information by mail.

Important! Because of the increased interest in this shoot, we are limiting the number of 2-day shooters to 500.

Limited Dry Camping: There is limited dry camping available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Volunteers! Running a shoot this size is always a challenge.  If you would like to help volunteer to run this shoot, such as helping the registration team, setting up/tear down, or acting as general volunteer, please contact us.

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One Million BC Shoot

The dates for the One Million BC Shoot are set: August 3-4, 2019

Registration is NOW yet open for this event. Stay tuned to this page, as well as our Facebook page, for any updates!

Registration will close at 500 archers (for the 2-day event) or on July 20, 2019 — whichever occurs first — so register EARLY!

You can register online or use the mail-in form.


In order to register, you MUST do all of the following:

1) FILL out the Registration Form— You can register up to 5 additional archers. If you need to register more than 5 archers, please submit another registration form. For archers shooting Longbow, Primitive, and Recurve, you have the option of shooting SHORT stakes (50 yards and under) or LONG STAKES (potentially over 50). Youths, Cubs, and PeeWees will always shoot at their designated stakes for their age group.


  • We will be pre-assigning targets to archers. Due to the size of this tournament, we cannot have 500 people standing waiting for target assignments! We will try our best to accommodation your requests, but cannot guarantee to fulfill your specific target assignment.
  • If you want to shoot with specific people, please make sure that BOTH YOU and THEY add that request into their registration information.

2) SIGN the WAIVER — Each registered archer MUST sign the waiver. You can sign the waivers online or bring the waiver with you to the shoot.

3) REVIEW & Submit your final online registration — Your credit card will be charged when your online registration is complete and  separate automated confirmation email will be sent.  If you do not see a charge on your card or receive the automated email, your registration might have had issues.

Past Tournaments

SUCCESSFUL 2018 One Million BC Shoot!

One Million BC shootAugust 5, 2018: Wow, what an amazing shoot we had this year! We had 500+ archers — 500 two-day shooters and many more 1-day shooters — take part in this two day tournament.

We made a bunch of changes this year, which made everyone (both SFA volunteers who put on the shoot and our attending archers) extremely happy!

We’re looking forward to next year’s event, and we hope you are, too!

This year’s scores are posted, and we’ll be posting photos from the shoot in the next upcoming days!

BC Photo Gallery


Download and view the final scores from previous years.

Note: Archers who did not finish the course, did not turn in score cards, or turned in a partial score might not be listed. Only two-day shooters who turned in score cards with a completed course are listed. One-day shooters are NOT listed in these scores.