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Range Maintenance Days

In order to maintain all of the grounds of the San Francisco Archers club, we host a monthly range maintenance day. It occurs the second Saturday of each month from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. For our major tournaments, we hold a special secondary work party just before the tournament. (See our Calendar for the most recent dates.)

It’s takes a lot of work to maintain our club! Since our club is outdoors, Mother Nature can take its toil, especially during any bad weather.

The Range Captain (who is elected each year to the Board by the club membership) carefully determines what work needs to be done. This work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Replacing hay bales.
  • Raking the trails or picking up litter along the White Range, Red Range, and Practice Alley.
  • Mowing the grass for the Practice Range and Blue Range.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the Clubhouse, including roof maintenance and plugging up mouse holes.
  • Trimming trees for loose branches.
  • Making paper targets (glue’ing onto cardboard)
  • Replacing used paper targets.
  • Repairing existing 3D targets.

99% of all of range maintenance is done by our members!!!. Anything complicated or needs specialized equipment (such as removing dead trees) is outsourced to companies that specialize in that task.

Some Tasks for Range Maintenance

All members are required to fulfill a certain number of Volunteer Hours in maintaining the range.  Perspective members are also required to join a work party as a contingency for their membership. We also welcome any member of the public who would like to volunteer to help maintain our range. For anyone with a disability who are unable to do some of the heavier tasks, we can work with you. Some tasks do not require heavy lifting, such as glue’ing paper targets or helping at the Registration Desk during tournaments. Arrangements can be made with the Range Captain to put in their hours outside of the “scheduled” maintenance days.

Even though we work hard, we reward our members for their hard work by providing a huge lunch feast after all the work is done. Our President picks up a different feast each month! So far we’ve had Filipino, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and others.

Our Hard Working Volunteers!

Here are some of the hard working volunteers to take time out of their busy Saturdays to help maintain our club!